Our Thoughts on and plans for Covid....      

                                  Please see below the Chart for what you can do to help.

Red Phase

  • Gateway Counseling's Building will be Closed to the Public.     

  • Limited Staff members inside the office.                               

  • Office Hours:           M,T, W  9am-3pm                      

  • Phone hours:            M-F 9am-4pm              

  • All Clinicians will be providing online Telehealth Services.      

  • Office will Be deeply Cleaned and redesigned for social distancing purposes

Yellow Phase

  • Gateway's Office building will be closed to the public.      

  • Gateway's Clinical  Staff will continue to provide Online Telehealth Services.     

  • Accommodations  will be made for Clients whom have special circumstances*.                           

  • Admin Staff will remain with a combined work from home/ office schedule                        

  • Office hours:           M-TH 9am -3pm

  • Phone hours M-F 9am-4pm

Green Phase **

  • Gateway's Office Building will be open to the public by appointment only. 

  • Clinical staff will provide combination Telehealth/ In Person sessions * 

  • Gateway Services will have Admin Staff working from the office 2 days a week.

  • The office will not have more than 2 staff members or 2 clinicians in the office at the same time. ( this will allow for a total of 6 persons in the office at any given time.            

  • Detailed cleaning as instructed by the CDC  and others will be conducted by the clinicians  and staff on a regular bases.   


  • Gateway will continue to require some restrictions and social distance expectations until further notice. 

  • Gateway Counseling office will be open to appointments and walk in requests.           

  • We will discuss with each client   personally when they are to return to the office for             in-person sessions.  (There is no Guarantee that Insurance will continue to pay for Telehealth Services)                    

  • Some sessions will remain Telehealth*.     

  • Waiting room will be open with Limited seating capacity.         

  • Families are not to use waiting room.        

  • Those waiting for others are to wait outside the building. 

* Indicates that it is The Office or Clinician's Discretion and must be discussed prior to appointment for confirmation. 


1) Waiting room will be closed, Come to your appointment directly on time. 

2)Temperatures will be taken at the door. Those with a 99° temperature or higher will be asked 

     to reschedule,(fee may apply) 

3) Masks must be worn in common works areas. 

4) Plastic barriers or masks are to be used during sessions

5) Clinicians will sanitize all areas of work between each session.

6) Hand sanitizer and wipes will be provided in every room to be used before, during and

     after sessions and every hours by staff. 

7) All of Gateway will clean using CDC/WHO cleaning standard between clients and several   

    times a day. 

What you can do to help....

 First and foremost,  Keep your-self safe and calm.   Stress can truly weaken the immune system. 

  • Maintain social distancing in public places. Always wear your mask even when others are not. 

  • Take your temperature daily and before you come to the office. ( please let us know if you need access to a thermometer) 

  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer ever hour even when you feel you don't need too.  

  • Make decisions based on what is best for you and your family NOT what your peers,  your work or the government says is allowed. NO one knows your situation better than you

  • Always call the office or your clinician if you are unsure if you should come in.